[section_title heading=”h2″ style=”2″ text_align=”center”]Explore Lido Isle Area[/section_title]
Recommended local hotspots for drinks, dining, entertainment, coffee and more. Lido Isle residents frequent these places and are glad to have them nearby. Check them out to discover why we rave about them.

[section_title heading=”h2″ style=”2″ text_align=”center”]Adventures[/section_title]
Jet Ski, Parasail, Deep Sea Fishing? Your adventure awaits! Learn More
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[section_title heading=”h2″ style=”2″ text_align=”center”]Coffee Shops[/section_title]
Coffee, Americano, Latte? There are some great local options for enjoying a cup! Learn More
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[section_title heading=”h2″ style=”2″ text_align=”center”]Dining[/section_title]
Fish, Steak, Sushi? So many wonderful options in the area! Learn More
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[section_title heading=”h2″ style=”2″ text_align=”center”]Drinks & Happy Hour[/section_title]
Bayfront Happy Hour?! Time to relax and celebrate! Learn More
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[section_title heading=”h2″ style=”2″ text_align=”center”]Entertainment[/section_title]
Music, Movies… There are options for everyone! Learn More
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[section_title heading=”h2″ style=”2″ text_align=”center”]Farmers Market[/section_title]

Mmmm. Amazing. Delicious. Locally Grown! Enjoy a Sunday stroll to the Lido Marina Farmers Market!