[section_title heading=”h2″]Lido Isle Tennis Courts[/section_title]

Lido Isle offers 3 Tennis Courts that are well maintained and equipped with features that allow for enjoyment by Lido Isle residents and guests.

[section_title heading=”h2″]Tennis Court Locations[/section_title]

The tennis courts are geographically spread out on Lido for ease of access by all.

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[section_title heading=”h2″]Tennis Court Features[/section_title]

Each tennis court has a few unique features (BBQ, Off-Street Parking, etc.), however they all offer the following:

  • Street Parking
  • Benches and Bike Racks
  • Walking access from a Strada
  • Secured Entrances via Card Key
  • Courtside Seating that is Covered or Shaded
  • Security Cameras
  • Overhead Lights
  • Wind Screens
  • Tennis Ball Collectors
  • Bulletin Boards for Tennis Club News