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Here are recommended providers of services for Lido Isle residents. The professionals have been hired and recommended by Lido Isle residents in the past. They are familiar with the community and pride themselves in their reputation of delivering the highest quality of service.

Meet Steve Roose

steve_roose_newport_beach_real_estate_agent_600x600Steve can assist you beyond your expectations. His education and experience in real estate proves to be a most valuable asset to clients. He is the Real Estate Broker for Luxury Real Estate.

Sellers find success because we focus on marketing to the 4 major sources today’s buyers rely on to find a home. We market more than most agents, in the right places and average an 11% higher sales price. Reaching the most buyers, results in a higher sales price every time.

Buyers find success with from utilizing speed of digital signing to beat others to a deal. Our off-market opportunities (sellers that have not yet listed) give buyers an edge in today’s market. Continue reading ..